Tap Water And Bottled Water Is poison To Your Body!

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I was introduced to this water by a great Italian women when I was working as an Uber driver. I picked her up to take her to get her car from the dealership.

During that ride she introduced me to the idea that there is a great tasting, healthy, excellent antioxidant water that offered the benefit of not poisoning the person who drinks it.

She asked me if I was interested and I said yes because in reality, bottled water tastes terrible and I didn’t like the idea of drinking plastic due to the microns of plastic that were getting into my body but never coming out.

A few days later she gave me a gallon to test the water to see how I liked it. I found the water to be smooth and light and seriously refreshing compared to bottle water.

I used the water up in a day or so, and asked if I could get a refill. Antonella said yes so I went to her house to get it. This started a wonderful adventure and a real health benefit to me as I found over a short time that my long time chronic sinus blockage suddenly became unblocked and I could finally breath out of my right nostril.

Amazing! It had been a problem for over 40 years! Nice!

I am so in love with this water that I bought my own machine after several months of going back for more!

It’s my mission to find open minded people who would like to drink real 9.5 PH water with real antioxidants and refreshing hydrogen in every gulp so they can stop poisoning themselves with the Tap water and the bottled water we find on the shelves in the stores which are not good for you!

If you want to see how bad the soda’s, tap water, and bottled water really are check out this short video. I think you will find it eye opening!

Over the following days, weeks, months, and years I will share with you the wonders of the amazing machine that produces the amazing Kangen water from the medical grade ionizer developed over 45 years ago for hospital use in the hospitals in Japan.

Stay tuned for more!

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Dr. Michael And Sky

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If you think all Ionizers are the same, think again. If you don’t believe me no problem, but you can believe a doctor who will tell you why the competition is no competition at all.

Once you finish this video, please check out the water demonstration. Don’t worry you won’t need popcorn for this. 🙂

Stay tuned for more…

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What Do I Mean By Poison?

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Listen to me please. Soda, Tap water, and Bottled water all have the same problem, some are worse than another however all of these are poisoning your body with every sip you take.

Soda, even the “zero”, diet, and such have very high oxidizing properties that create an acidic environment in your body which encourages cancer and other illnesses to grow in your body which makes you sick, and can make you die.

Matter of fact, they do exactly that.

Take tap water for instance. The city is mandated to make the water a neutral “7 PH” so it’s “safe” to drink. The problem is they care more about the cities pipes not rusting, than your health. From my own testing of my tap water in my home, the ORP or Oxidation Reduction Potential was in the 500+ range meaning it is very good at oxidizing my body. (Affects pets as well).

The Chlorine levels are very high, and when tested for PH the color was blue not green, which means it has a lot of Lye in it which is poison-is. So not good at all. It’s all about the chemicals they use to “make” it “safe”, plus it tastes bad.

Bottled water and I don’t care where you get it or what brand you drink, it all acidic, with ORP’s ranging from 300+ to 500, with PH levels between 3.0 to 5.2 and more in some cases.

Let’s not forget that although bottled water seems to be a good idea, the bottling companies use the cheapest plastic bottles they can get to increase their profit margins at the expense of your health.

Bottom line, what I am saying is that I recommend you stop poisoning yourself and your family and pets by changing your water now. Please watch this short video which will show you what I mean better than I can explain it here.

Once you see how bad the soda’s, tap water, and bottled water are for you, I am sure your common sense will kick in and you will back a smart choice while feeling better with every sip, gulp, and chug you drink!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more!

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