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It’s Decision Time – Domain Forwarding Or Web Hosting?

There are many times using domain to forward to an affiliate program referral link or lead capture page can be a good thing. Other times it’s better to have a web hosting account to go with you new domain. Let’s look at the features of each below so you can better decide which direction is for you.

1. Domain Forwarding – This can be a very useful affiliate secret weapon to help stand out from the crowd of other affiliates all promoting the same referral link. It looks great in your sig file, forum signatures, as a text link, even a menu item. They’re easy to use and you can select between just a forwarding action or a masking action where the visitor never see’s your affiliate link, only the domain. You can even keyword research the domain before you buy it so you can attract organic search engine traffic.

2. Web Hosting – Full control is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of web hosting. A new domain really needs a good home other than the registrar and web hosting is fairly cheap these days so why not? Using a domain in this way will not only separate you from your competing affiliate marketers, it helps to brand you first. It puts you in a position of those people who run malls, K-marts, Home Depots etc, you become the person with one hell of a product line. It also gives you immediate recovery protection from programs that may go out of business. I could go on and on but one very important reason to host your domain is the fact it gives you a place to hang your autoresponder form code so you can build your list 24/7/365.

Now it’s time to decide.
If you’re going to host your domain, you’ve made a wise choice if you followed the information from Step one.
Proceed to get your web hosting account here.

You can probably get along with just the standard account for now, and grow into a bigger account later on
when you have your site up and running. For now, watch your email carefully once you order your hosting for the email messages they will send you. I suggest printing them out right away and keeping them safe as it will contain important information related to your hosting account and FTP settings.

Next time I will have a little html doc I will share with you that will help you get a home page up quickly! Be sure to dig out your best portrait pic or the best photo of you so you can use it on the page. Branding starts with your face.

Joe Sansoucie