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Welcome back and I do hope you’re ready to take action in your business today.

The last 15 years marketing online has taught me many things, and much of I learned on my own. From HTML, to domain name registrations, web hosting, getting traffic, building a list, you name it, I have taken the in-the-trenches approach to everything I do online. There were times when I could reach out to a specialist, or a active sponsor who answered their email, but for the most part I did the research myself and to be honest, I enjoyed the journey.

Today, I want to talk to you about the first step you need to take when you decide to start your journey to creating a successful income from the Internet. You must, must, must, brand yourself and I’ll tell you why. People do business with people, not websites, or buildings for that matter. People do business with people which means offline, we shake hands when we meet, but online, there’s no easy way to do this except for the branding of your name and face.

The more people see your picture online, the more they’ll get to the point where they recognize you, at this point the handshake happens. Now if you have your name under your photo then they will not only recognize but they will begin to remember your name. This is called branding and you want it bad!! 🙂

It starts with your domain name selection. What you want is your first and lastname as a dot com domain, if you can get it. In some cases some names are shared with famous people like Hollywood start but for the most part your name is probably available. Like joesansoucie.com, since this is my name, this works very well for me and looks mighty sharp on a business card or T-shirt in fact. After all, you own the name, so there is no competition in most cases.

If your name is taken, then a variation of your name is in order. Try adding a keyword after your name like bobmarleyonline.com, or susyperkinsmlmspecialist.com or jamesdeanteam.com, well you get the idea. The key is not break up your name…. it must be firstlast.com, and even adding your middle initial may make the difference between your domain being available or not.

Stay tuned for the next post where I share a link to a site I recommend to all my referrals. The best thing is that it costs so little anyone can afford to start branding themselves online and even run their own blog too!

Thanks for joining my team.
God bless and take care.

Joe Sansoucie