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No Traffic = No Opt ins = No Subscribers = No Conversion = No Money!

Traffic my dear friend is the absolute must have component to your success!

It seems that most people just keep signing up for programs, often several a day without any real plan or thought to how they will be promoting their new program choice.  In fact many don’t promote anything longer than a week or two, maybe a month, if, IF, they promote at all!

They seldom have a marketing budget, or have joined enough free sites to even make a dent in their traffic needs to get even a tiny amount of hits to their site and rarely believe it will take longer than a day or two to get rich with their new program!

Clearly,  this approach is doomed to failure right from the start and in fact it does fail 99.99999% of the time.

So what happens next is they blame the program, forget all about it, and find something else to join which will make them rich in a day or two (which is unrealistic at best) and the history repeats itself all over again!

Besides maybe selecting the worst program on the planet to promote, they are leaving out key items on the todo list which would make even a marginal program a success. The key items are:

  • A good program that people would actually want to be in.
  • A great autoresponder to manage your personal mailing list.
  • A relentless amount of traffic every hour of every day, every month,  year in and year out.

That list is by all means not the be-all-end-all but it details the basic key items needed to produce results no matter what you are promoting online.  Having a good converting autoresonder letter series, or your sales funnel is also vital to your success.

Overall, the key to your success is… Traffic. Traffic. Traffic. More Traffic.  And then there is MORE TRAFFIC!

More is always better and no there is never enough traffic.

Get your traffic campaign started today!