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Today I want to share with you the true safelist email marketing secret you must know if you wish to profit from your marketing efforts. You must understand that the only true safelist is the email list you build using your autoresponder, like Trafficwave for instance. As you know from reading anything on this blog is that I am always saying that you need to build your list first.

This is the true safelist email marketing secret and it’s the one most people, perhaps you, who are procrastinating and struggling without it trying to get results from affiliate links. This just doesn’t work very well and requires a ton of traffic before you might see any conversion at all.

Another safelist email marketing secret is that free is not free at all, seriously, it’s costing you a fortune! Think about how much time you have to put forth in order to generate lets say 5000 unique hits using safelists. Tens of thousands of hits and it’s the same with the list mailers and other sites that allow you to send a solo to the members.

When using these sites you are borrowing the list for the express purpose of building your own mailing list, which of course if the safelist email marketing secret you may be missing. Those people on those borrowed lists are there to promote their wares and offers like you, so you really need to speak directly to their needs. Which is? Getting more referrals, more traffic and more money don’t you agree?

The problem is that just sending traffic to your affiliate link costs you a dollar per hit and this also explains why you’re not getting the results you’re looking for. Remember the safelist email marketing secret is to use all that traffic to build your list first, before you send the prospect to your affiliate link. You can add a letter to your autoresponder series which is easy if you use Trafficwave autoresponder to handle it and now every new prospect you get will get that letter.

Here’s some things to think about.

Without a list, you have only one chance to get a sign up to any program. If you are putting a sales letter out, you only get one chance to make the sale. Once the visitor has left your offer, or affiliate program link, you can never contact them again, they are lost to you forever.

The Safelist Email Marketing Secret Revealed Below!

With a list you will see why the real safelist email marketing secret is to build your list first, and then build a relationship with those people to build your trust and credibility. Once you build this relationship you will find that they are very open to your recommendations about new programs products and services that fits their needs.

Another Safelist Email Marketing Secret Is To Give First!

That’s correct, it must serve their needs first and not yours, which is another safelist email marketing secret, give first and you won’t have to ask for the sales. Imagine you have been working on building your list and you have 600 prospects or leads on your list. Now you may be a little short on cash and you may find yourself thinking of just throwing an affiliate link out to make some quick cash. This is the wrong approach! You have 600 people who all raised their hands and told you that they wanted you to send them more information. This is where most fail to follow through and do broadcasts to their list. You must communicate with them or why should they do business with you, a complete stranger?

Okay, so you have this list, and you’ve been friendly and offering to help them right? Now you need to make some money and you have a good little traffic and cash resource, say a traffic exchange that pays 50% commission. You’re upgraded for only $9.97 per month and it will give you monthly traffic credits to use. So you use the best safelist email marketing secret and use your autoresponder broadcast feature to send out a personal friendly invitation to your list to join and upgrade with you.

So out of 600 people let’s say that 10 people join and upgrade, using a calculator we can see you just made a quick $50.00 and as long as your referrals stay upgraded and using the site, and why wouldn’t they, you keep earning that commission. If you send out to your list again in a few days, let’s say that another 10 sign up and 2 upgrade. You’re now making $60.00 per month and getting traffic while you do, plus your commissions cover your monthly cost, leaving you a profit!

This is why the best safelist email marketing secret I can tell you is to build your list first, and then communicate like a person and not a used car salesman. Your results will be much much better if you do. Oh and there really is a program you can get both traffic and cash commissions is Traffic-Splash. I’ve earned over $700.00 so far as a pro upgraded member, it is well worth it let me tell you. Enjoy the traffic and cash, but be sure you get your Trafficwave autoresponder account first, the money really is in the list you build yourself. Read more about it here.

To recap, the true safelist email marketing secret is to use not only safelists but any traffic source to build your list first before you promote anything. With your own list you will not make any real money online, and yes my friend, free is a four letter word.

There is no money in free, money must be transferred between two parties to be called doing business. One final safelist email marketing secret would be to upgrade your account to the membership level that allows you to earn at least 50% commissions. This way when one of your referrals who received your message from your autoresponder – joins and upgrades, you earn more money!

I do hope you enjoyed today’s post however I do hope you put this information to use right away. You can profit from the safelist email marketing secret no matter the type of business you wish to promote on the web. You just need to do it and don’t stop until you achieve success. You can do it, just remember that building your list is job one, every day and as your list grows, so will your income.

Safelist Email Marketing

Safelist Email Marketing

Safelist Email Marketing