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97% of all Internet marketers are wasting their traffic because they don’t
get the big picture. Because of this, they waste their traffic by sending
it all to affiliate links or company sales pages which of course is a waste.

Even if the traffic doesn’t cost you anything, you’re still wasting it!

If you’re using paid advertising (and you should be), you’re still wasting the
traffic and in this case your money.

Why? Because you don’t get the big picture.

In this case, the Big Picture is that you must acquired a very powerful online business tool called an AutoResonder. Yes you really do need this tool as I
will explain.

An AutoResponder is a tool that Automatically Responds to inquiries.

Think about that, it works when you aren’t or can’t, like sleeping, and
taking vacations, or hangning out with your family and friends, it just
keeps on working for you.

As you begin to build your contact lists, your AutoResponder will manage all your lists, remembering what sales letter went out last, when to send the next one, addressing each letter to the recipient personally, and so on.

It never takes the day off or gets sick either.

Online marketing experts have known for years that the fortune is in the list,
and it is, especially when you’ve built a relationship with those people on your

Fortunately using your AutoResponder, you are now able to build, manage, and profit from your own in-house lists. You can set up as many AutoResponder campaigns as you like and each AutoResponder campaign can manage an unlimited number of subscribers. The Trafficwave autoresponder system grows with you and
your business.

Additionally, you have access to a powerful AdTracker that will show you exactly where your responses are coming from. You can track an unlimited number of online ads, sales letters, ezine articles, and more by simply inserting an AdTrack URL for your regular URL.

The advertisers best friend is results. Know where your results are coming from so you can spend your time on productive advertising and stop wasting time and money on ads that product nothing. Even the free advertising might be a
complete waste of time, tracking will reveal this to you so you can make adjustments.

The key is to just start now and build your list. Take your time and build it well to secure your future. As you work with Trafficwave, you will begin to realize just how powerful this system is. You may begin to wonder how you ever got along with out it! I know I did and I currently have been using it for
three years and would not recommend any other to anyone. It’s simply, the best
way to stop wasting your traffic and finally turn it into cash flow and a better
finacial future.

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