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Believe it my dear reader Trafficwave Email Marketing management is on steroids and a trusted business tool by leading Internet marketers and small business owners. It’s been that way for almost 11 years now and despite all the competition from established AR companies and all the new services popping up they have never raised their price on the unlimited service they provide.

This brings us to trust, the trust you must have in your autoresponder service that your message will get through all the tough ISPs like AOL.com, Earthlink.net, Livemail.com, Comcast.com. Yahoo.com, Hotmail.com and other companies that filter your email for you. They also keep an eye on your contact list and decide for you as to if you should receive the information you requested.

So the autoresponder has a difficult job and Trafficwave has professional relationships with all those ISPs and has for years. This means that your message will always get through to your prospects which is important if you want to make any money.

Unlimited Lead Capture Pages and They Host Them For You!
Unlimited Lead Capture Form Use For Those Who Build and Host Their Own Pages!
Unlimited Lead Capture Form Data Collection, Great For Generating Fresh MLM Leads!
Unlimited Lists With Unlimited Prospects On Each List!
Unlimited tracking! Vital For Wringing Out The Most Results From Your Traffic!

These are but the tip of the ice burg when it comes to Trafficwave yet it is very easy to get used to using, in fact you will wonder how you ever got along without it all this time!

There is only one true safelist and it’s the list you build by hand with patience and determination with a good dose of personal drive to achieve success online, it starts with building your list. Why pay more than Trafficwave has been charging for over ten years?

Compared to the competition Trafficwave can save you over $9,000.00 dollars per year in autoresponder fees if you have a list of 100,000 prospects. Trafficwave will let you build any size list you want and use their flat rate price of only $17.95 per month. Basically only $215.00 per year and Trafficwave will put over $9,000.00 dollars back in your pocket on the same size list.

Makes you wonder how the people using the other services don’t see this doesn’t it.

Maybe they drank the kool-aid? Until next time, remember to build your list first or you’ll end up building the other guys list and you’ll be losing all the money you could have made.