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Ten years serving both on and offline business owners successfully, Trafficwave has proven itself to be the top gun of autoresponders.

You may think that the other service, you know the one, is better but seriously?  I don’t think so.  Unless you haven’t read a single word on the webpage (a common practice with new online marketers) you will clearly see that paying $790.00 per month for an autoresponder account with your 100,000 prospects is far more costly than Trafficwave at only $215.00 per year for UNLIMITED LISTS AND LIST SIZE.

Still think the guru’s have your best interest at heart?  Still think they are informed and enlightened when it comes to list building?  I do not.  I think they have not performed their due diligence and at least compared costs!  Let’s see, pay an extra nine grand per year or more as your list grows for one service or 215 dollars per year for 1,000,000 lists of 100,000,000 million+ subscribers EACH!

Clearly some people are not aware of the hidden costs of building a large online business using the other autoresponder services compared to Trafficwave.  Although this is a on going issue in the Internet marketing crowd what is worse is the fact most people join Trafficwave for the affiliate program and ignore the basic service it provides.  While the affiliate program is the best out there with fast track bonuses paying 100% commission, the 3×10 matrix, plus the leadership bonuses 25% to 50%, it’s easy to see the income potential is achievable.

However I encourage you to join Trafficwave not for the comp plan, but use the service to build your lists of hungry prospects for whatever you wish to promote.  You can easily generate very detailed MLM leads that will be red hot, not over used junk you find for sale all over the web.  The only good lead is the one you generate through your own lead capture form, Trafficwave makes this as easy as copy and paste.

Bottom line, Trafficwave is the top gun of email marketing, lead generation and business automation for only $17.95 per month flat rate pricing,  a genuine vital business tool for your future success.