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Breaking the ice with your list has already happened no matter which autoresponder you’re using, if it’s Trafficwave you will have their full name and email address, but more importantly, they have confirmed their email address. This means they really want to have you send them the information you offered them on the lead capture page and they have a deliverable email address. So the ice is broken by them and it’s been confirmed!

It seems everything you see in your inbox today has to do with building the list and this is the most important job you have as an affiliate marketer. However, the question that begs to be answered is, what to do once you have people on your list?

If you are experiencing success with a program, it’s easy to shout to the world how great it is, how they’re missing the boat if they don’t join, etc, which of course is the wrong way to go about it but I will save that for a later post. For now, knowing what to say to your list if nothing is working for you at the moment, is a lot harder to do.

So I have a small list of ideas you can use when nothing seems to work, but you do need to talk with your list to keep them from becoming ghosts and unresponsive.

1. Send them free stuff. This is the easiest! If the people on your list all came from Traffic exchanges, Safelists, or Text Ad Exchanges, you already know one thing they all have in common and a large need for. More Traffic of course! And that’s easy because sites like Text Ad Exchanges often offer a free promo code or coupon code you can redeem for free advertising. Simply sign up for the site if you don’t already belong to one, and then send them your referral link and the promo code. This is fast and effective and they will love it! You can’t go wrong giving away free traffic to those who always need it.

2. Review one of the programs you wish them to join, say a business tool like Trafficwave for instance, and show them the guts of the service so they get a better feel for the value you already see in it. This works because of the keeping up with the Jones syndrome, if someone else has something cool and useful, they will want it too and Trafficwave really fits the bill.

3. Review one of their programs for them! Simply ask them to send you the link they are currently promoting where you simply take a look at the page and make suggestions or offer your “take” on it. Many times having a second set of eyes to look at an offer or a new program can save you time and money because someone saw something you didn’t. Do this for free of course, they are on your list!

4. When you’re feeling blue and don’t know what to do, write them and ask how their day is going! Nothing else, no ads, just a subject line that says: Hi FIRSTNAME how’s your day? In the message part simply send this! Hello FIRSTNAME, Just wanted to check in with you to see how you’re doing! I want to thank you for joining my list and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me right away! I am here to help! Have a great day! your signature.

You will be surprised how effective this can be when you want to energize your list and increase the response you get when you do happen to send out a real offer for money. In most cases people aren’t really saying no, they’re just saying they don’t KNOW enough to make a choice. Using your Trafficwave Autoresponder you will be able to pre-sell, educate, slow drip complicated information like an e Course, and yes to sell stuff they want to buy! Bottom line is that you will end up smiling because you successfully communicated with your list and whatever you sent them or offered them, has or will help them. This always makes you feel better and smile, it will be better tomorrow!