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By building an e-mail list you capture a lifetime customer rather than a one-time sale. Once a subscriber joins your list, you can promote new products or CPA offers on a regular basis. This leads to a much higher potential lifetime value from each customer.

That pretty much sums it up for those of us “in the know” but for 98% of all other Internet marketers, affiliate markers, online business owners is that you seriously need that customer list! The only way to get the list built is to drive constant heavy targeted traffic to your lead capture page daily. The more traffic the more fresh prospects you will have for any business you wish to promote.

If you send traffic to your plain affiliate link like most people do you may get the sale, sign up, or referral however you will have almost no way to continue the conversation with those people. Building your list allows you to stay on their radar and like passing someone on the way to work each day, they will become familiar with you. They will start to get to know you and maybe your name as well which is a good start on the road to trust and credibility. These are needed if the actual sales, sign ups and referrals are to happen in reality.

Instead of getting a one time sale etc… build your list with Trafficwave and you’ll have a list of lifetime customers.