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Trafficwave_service_business     Trafficwave is the perfect service business tool, there is no doubt of this, but what makes it so?

The reality is that while most service business owners are aware of the fact they need a website and a web presence, they usually do not make full use of the traffic they get by using it to build a list of people to market to.

While it can be a bit daunting it can also be the best way to turn a bad week or month into a fantastic one!  The reason is that if you have used traffic (also known as visitors) to build your service business potential client base, you have people to talk/market too.

For instance, if you own a carpet cleaning business, and it’s turning out to be a slow month, you can simply send a broadcast out to your list of potential clients, and let them know if they schedule an appointment to have their carpet cleaned this week, that they will save 10% off!  Who doesn’t love a discount?  This will surely make the phone ring in your office.

Now there are many “autoresponder services” out there, and I won’t take the time to list them here because the fact is, the one main reason to use Trafficwave over all the rest is the fact they have always offered flat rate pricing for their unlimited service. They are not greedy like their competitors which makes them very friendly to your pocket book. After all part of making money is saving money and Trafficwave fits the bill perfectly.

The other autoresponder services charge their clients more money as those people build their business list bigger and bigger.  In fact if you are really good at building a large list of say – 100,000 subscribers, most of the competitors to Trafficwave will be glad to charge you as much as $900.00 PER MONTH for the privilege of using their service.  You don’t have to be a CPA to know that this will definitely have a negative impact on your service business’s bottom line!

If you own a service business of any kind and want to keep most of your profits in your own pocket, Trafficwave is the autoresponder service for you.

You can use their unlimited service for a measly $17.95 per month, no matter how many lists you have and no matter how many people on each list you have.  Unlimited truly is, unlimited at Trafficwave.

  • increase customer loyalty.
  • send digital coupons.
  • send reminder notices.
  • gain new clients via referrals.
  • improve customer retention.
  • build brand recognition.
  • even out cash flow.

Using Trafficwave will help you communicate clearly with your current clients and with potential clients, as well as, save you time which will save you money.  Overall, Trafficwave is the best way to improve your service business’s bottom line.