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Hello and Welcome To My Team!

From this site I am able to give all my referrals all my links to all my programs from one place.  This makes it much easier to manage on my part and it’s a snap for anyone on my team to find all my links, contact info, upcoming events, site reviews, upgrade suggestions, and so much more.   I have been marketing online for going on now 16 years and every day is a journey towards success.   It’s not really the destination, it’s the journey that counts,  and I have enjoyed the journey very much.  Every day is a new experience and brings new opportunities and the next step toward achieving financial freedom and I look forward to sharing with you what works and hopefully keep you from the things that don’t.

The first milestone is $500.00 per month.

Yes, I understand you wish to earn thousands per month, but if you are not making $500.00 a month yet, I can help and will show you how to do it.  If you’re not yet building your list, I will show you how to do it, and if you don’t know how to get traffic to a site, I will show you how to do that as well.  It is my job as your sponsor to give you all the tools, skills, and knowledge you need to have the best shot at making money online as possible.  Believe it or not, making money online, especially, your first $500.00 is not that difficult to do.  However, you must realize right now that the free mentality will not help you make money online.  You must spend it to make it, the key is to spend it at the right places online.  Once you understand the marketing system you’ll be using, the automation of your business, and the importance of building your list First,  then you will be in a position of earning as much as you want.  For now we’ll start with $500.00 because it’s easily accomplished if you plug into me as your sponsor.  I am here to help you and show you all the nuts and bolts, give you the theory, and more importantly, the implementation of all the components in chorus.  Don’t worry, it’s not so tough we me as close as a quick Skype message or call. 🙂

Without question you need these 4 tools to do business online.

So, we might as well get them setup now right?

1.  You need to register your domain, but not just any domain, you need Your Name.com.  Like mine, joesansoucie.com.  If you have trouble getting your first and last name as your domain, try adding the word online after it or other variations until you find one available.  Most people will have no trouble getting their full name dot com.  You need this for branding purposes because people believe it or not don’t do business with website,  they do business with other people.

2. You need web hosting for the domain and to store files you’ll need for your blog, website, incentives, etc.  You can get this at the same place you will get your domain name registered.  I recommend to start out with their $2.91 per month account.  Between the domain registration and the web hosting account, it will come to about $50.00 per year.  Don’t worry if you don’t  understand all this stuff, just skype me and we’ll set a time for some one on one with me in the training room.

3. You need the Trafficwave autoresponder to handle follow up, broadcasting, and email management duties for you.  For only $17.95 per month, this is the best bargain for the ultimate in autoresponder service.  They’re also the best paying autoresponder too, just in case you like to make money… lol.  Seriously, sign up, pay and then get with me for some personal training.  You’ll be a master of it in no time at all with my help.

4.  You will need an account at Instant Splash.  You must upgrade as Trafficwave integrates with Instant Splash to create excellent branded lead capture pages in less than 3 minutes.  Honestly,  this is one awesome tool and I use it all the time, but really, the income is awesome too!  I spend only $9.97 per month, yet my monthly commission is $120.00.  The $500.00 per month income is looking pretty easy right now isn’t it. 🙂  Upgrade in this right after you sign up.  It is required so we can tie Trafficwave and Instant splash together for your marketing system.

These four tools are not luxuries! You must pay for these five tools if you want a successful business online.

The domain and web hosting is paid for yearly.

Trafficwave and Instant Splash is paid for monthly.

My Team Builder Pro is one of the best affiliate marketing training centers I’ve ever used. the fifteen day action plan is awesome and covers everything from signature marketing to newspaper advertising, with everything in between.. Facebook, Twitter, and full access to the training webinars recordings for upgraded members. Be sure to take the one time offer to save a huge amount of money and get access to everything that’s offered. Plus it pays 50% commission which is can lead to a four or five figure income. Just follow the plan.

I can offer you my time using the following methods.

Phone.  You must be subscribed to my email list to get it.
Skype:  joe.sansoucie
Email:  Same as phone.
Webinar:  If you need help with something, there’s nothing better than the webinar room because I can look over your shoulder when you share your screen. In this way it makes it easy to train you for anything from placing ads, to setting up web hosting, autoresponders, you name it, the webinar room is the best training tool you and I can use anytime we need to.  On top of that, you can attend free training calls and bring a friend too!

Are you ready to get started with your business?

If you are, then please start at number 1. and get the five vital tools setup and let me know when you’re ready for one on one help, support, and training.  If you need help with anything on this page, or you don’t understand something, maybe you’re just starting out, the best advise I can give you is to call me and let’s talk.  You will need a headset connected to your PC for the webinars (whi9ch are free every week.),  this is vital and is a must for our training sessions and the phone calls. I know you may not have had a sponsor like me, but if you plug into me and keep communications open, we will achieve a lot!

So follow the links above and get started setting up your business, or me and I will help you with everything, personally.

Welcome to my team!

Joe Sansoucie