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If You're Not Building Your List You're Building Someone Elses! Breaking The Ice With Your List

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Breaking the ice with your list has already happened no matter which autoresponder you’re using, if it’s Trafficwave you will have their full name and email address, but more importantly, they have confirmed their email address. This means they really want to have you send them the information you offered them on the lead capture page and they have a deliverable email address. So the ice is broken by them and it’s been confirmed!

It seems everything you see in your inbox today has to do with building the list and this is the most important job you have as an affiliate marketer. However, the question that begs to be answered is, what to do once you have people on your list?

If you are experiencing success with a program, it’s easy to shout to the world how great it is, how they’re missing the boat if they don’t join, etc, which of course is the wrong way to go about it but I will save that for a later post. For now, knowing what to say to your list if nothing is working for you at the moment, is a lot harder to do.

So I have a small list of ideas you can use when nothing seems to work, but you do need to talk with your list to keep them from becoming ghosts and unresponsive.

1. Send them free stuff. This is the easiest! If the people on your list all came from Traffic exchanges, Safelists, or Text Ad Exchanges, you already know one thing they all have in common and a large need for. More Traffic of course! And that’s easy because sites like Text Ad Exchanges often offer a free promo code or coupon code you can redeem for free advertising. Simply sign up for the site if you don’t already belong to one, and then send them your referral link and the promo code. This is fast and effective and they will love it! You can’t go wrong giving away free traffic to those who always need it.

2. Review one of the programs you wish them to join, say a business tool like Trafficwave for instance, and show them the guts of the service so they get a better feel for the value you already see in it. This works because of the keeping up with the Jones syndrome, if someone else has something cool and useful, they will want it too and Trafficwave really fits the bill.

3. Review one of their programs for them! Simply ask them to send you the link they are currently promoting where you simply take a look at the page and make suggestions or offer your “take” on it. Many times having a second set of eyes to look at an offer or a new program can save you time and money because someone saw something you didn’t. Do this for free of course, they are on your list!

4. When you’re feeling blue and don’t know what to do, write them and ask how their day is going! Nothing else, no ads, just a subject line that says: Hi FIRSTNAME how’s your day? In the message part simply send this! Hello FIRSTNAME, Just wanted to check in with you to see how you’re doing! I want to thank you for joining my list and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me right away! I am here to help! Have a great day! your signature.

You will be surprised how effective this can be when you want to energize your list and increase the response you get when you do happen to send out a real offer for money. In most cases people aren’t really saying no, they’re just saying they don’t KNOW enough to make a choice. Using your Trafficwave Autoresponder you will be able to pre-sell, educate, slow drip complicated information like an e Course, and yes to sell stuff they want to buy! Bottom line is that you will end up smiling because you successfully communicated with your list and whatever you sent them or offered them, has or will help them. This always makes you feel better and smile, it will be better tomorrow! One Time Sale Or Lifetime Customer?

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By building an e-mail list you capture a lifetime customer rather than a one-time sale. Once a subscriber joins your list, you can promote new products or CPA offers on a regular basis. This leads to a much higher potential lifetime value from each customer.

That pretty much sums it up for those of us “in the know” but for 98% of all other Internet marketers, affiliate markers, online business owners is that you seriously need that customer list! The only way to get the list built is to drive constant heavy targeted traffic to your lead capture page daily. The more traffic the more fresh prospects you will have for any business you wish to promote.

If you send traffic to your plain affiliate link like most people do you may get the sale, sign up, or referral however you will have almost no way to continue the conversation with those people. Building your list allows you to stay on their radar and like passing someone on the way to work each day, they will become familiar with you. They will start to get to know you and maybe your name as well which is a good start on the road to trust and credibility. These are needed if the actual sales, sign ups and referrals are to happen in reality.

Instead of getting a one time sale etc… build your list with Trafficwave and you’ll have a list of lifetime customers.

ROI UNLIMITED: TrafficWave.Net AutoResponder

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“TrafficWave.Net has been in business since 03/01/2000. They also hold an A BBB rating, A+ is the best rating possible. So TrafficWave has a strong business foundation and good service history.

via ROI UNLIMITED: TrafficWave.Net AutoResponder.”

Revon has it spot on when he says and I quote: “While other companies charge you more as your lists grows, is always a low monthly subscription of just $17.95 per month. This fact alone separates the men from the boys.”  I like that, separates the men from the boys, you can say that again!  Trafficwave also has the best relationships with the roughest ISP’s to work with when it comes to email, this is vital to your business.  The fact they charge a flat rate price is perfect for all businesses in need of professional email management service that won’t rob you blind like other autoresponders do.  Just because you can pay more why should you have too?  Why not put that money in your pocket or back into your business, your autoresponder should not be a burden to you or your business but an asset.  Trafficwave is definitely your best asset unless you don’t have it yet.

Building your list is the absolute most important task you must perform every day as an Internet marketer, online business owner and in the case of Trafficwave there are thousands of off line business owners who utilize this A+ business service on a daily basis to manage and profit from their email marketing efforts.  Every business needs leads and while you could pay for them, the fact is Trafficwave affords you the opportunity to generate red hot fresh leads any time for anything you want!

Learn how to use Trafficwave to generate red hot leads here.



Trafficwave Email Marketing Management On Steroids

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Believe it my dear reader Trafficwave Email Marketing management is on steroids and a trusted business tool by leading Internet marketers and small business owners. It’s been that way for almost 11 years now and despite all the competition from established AR companies and all the new services popping up they have never raised their price on the unlimited service they provide.

This brings us to trust, the trust you must have in your autoresponder service that your message will get through all the tough ISPs like,,,, and other companies that filter your email for you. They also keep an eye on your contact list and decide for you as to if you should receive the information you requested.

So the autoresponder has a difficult job and Trafficwave has professional relationships with all those ISPs and has for years. This means that your message will always get through to your prospects which is important if you want to make any money.

Unlimited Lead Capture Pages and They Host Them For You!
Unlimited Lead Capture Form Use For Those Who Build and Host Their Own Pages!
Unlimited Lead Capture Form Data Collection, Great For Generating Fresh MLM Leads!
Unlimited Lists With Unlimited Prospects On Each List!
Unlimited tracking! Vital For Wringing Out The Most Results From Your Traffic!

These are but the tip of the ice burg when it comes to Trafficwave yet it is very easy to get used to using, in fact you will wonder how you ever got along without it all this time!

There is only one true safelist and it’s the list you build by hand with patience and determination with a good dose of personal drive to achieve success online, it starts with building your list. Why pay more than Trafficwave has been charging for over ten years?

Compared to the competition Trafficwave can save you over $9,000.00 dollars per year in autoresponder fees if you have a list of 100,000 prospects. Trafficwave will let you build any size list you want and use their flat rate price of only $17.95 per month. Basically only $215.00 per year and Trafficwave will put over $9,000.00 dollars back in your pocket on the same size list.

Makes you wonder how the people using the other services don’t see this doesn’t it.

Maybe they drank the kool-aid? Until next time, remember to build your list first or you’ll end up building the other guys list and you’ll be losing all the money you could have made.

Stop Wasting Your Traffic Get The Big Picture

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97% of all Internet marketers are wasting their traffic because they don’t
get the big picture. Because of this, they waste their traffic by sending
it all to affiliate links or company sales pages which of course is a waste.

Even if the traffic doesn’t cost you anything, you’re still wasting it!

If you’re using paid advertising (and you should be), you’re still wasting the
traffic and in this case your money.

Why? Because you don’t get the big picture.

In this case, the Big Picture is that you must acquired a very powerful online business tool called an AutoResonder. Yes you really do need this tool as I
will explain.

An AutoResponder is a tool that Automatically Responds to inquiries.

Think about that, it works when you aren’t or can’t, like sleeping, and
taking vacations, or hangning out with your family and friends, it just
keeps on working for you.

As you begin to build your contact lists, your AutoResponder will manage all your lists, remembering what sales letter went out last, when to send the next one, addressing each letter to the recipient personally, and so on.

It never takes the day off or gets sick either.

Online marketing experts have known for years that the fortune is in the list,
and it is, especially when you’ve built a relationship with those people on your

Fortunately using your AutoResponder, you are now able to build, manage, and profit from your own in-house lists. You can set up as many AutoResponder campaigns as you like and each AutoResponder campaign can manage an unlimited number of subscribers. The Trafficwave autoresponder system grows with you and
your business.

Additionally, you have access to a powerful AdTracker that will show you exactly where your responses are coming from. You can track an unlimited number of online ads, sales letters, ezine articles, and more by simply inserting an AdTrack URL for your regular URL.

The advertisers best friend is results. Know where your results are coming from so you can spend your time on productive advertising and stop wasting time and money on ads that product nothing. Even the free advertising might be a
complete waste of time, tracking will reveal this to you so you can make adjustments.

The key is to just start now and build your list. Take your time and build it well to secure your future. As you work with Trafficwave, you will begin to realize just how powerful this system is. You may begin to wonder how you ever got along with out it! I know I did and I currently have been using it for
three years and would not recommend any other to anyone. It’s simply, the best
way to stop wasting your traffic and finally turn it into cash flow and a better
finacial future.

Check out the Trafficwave features you can utilize for your business.

Discover why Trafficwave is the best paying affiliate program online today.

Keep your costs down with Trafficwaves flat rate pricing.

Are you ready to stop wasting traffic and finally build your list?
Get started now for only $17.95.

Safelist Email Marketing Secret

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Today I want to share with you the true safelist email marketing secret you must know if you wish to profit from your marketing efforts. You must understand that the only true safelist is the email list you build using your autoresponder, like Trafficwave for instance. As you know from reading anything on this blog is that I am always saying that you need to build your list first.

This is the true safelist email marketing secret and it’s the one most people, perhaps you, who are procrastinating and struggling without it trying to get results from affiliate links. This just doesn’t work very well and requires a ton of traffic before you might see any conversion at all.

Another safelist email marketing secret is that free is not free at all, seriously, it’s costing you a fortune! Think about how much time you have to put forth in order to generate lets say 5000 unique hits using safelists. Tens of thousands of hits and it’s the same with the list mailers and other sites that allow you to send a solo to the members.

When using these sites you are borrowing the list for the express purpose of building your own mailing list, which of course if the safelist email marketing secret you may be missing. Those people on those borrowed lists are there to promote their wares and offers like you, so you really need to speak directly to their needs. Which is? Getting more referrals, more traffic and more money don’t you agree?

The problem is that just sending traffic to your affiliate link costs you a dollar per hit and this also explains why you’re not getting the results you’re looking for. Remember the safelist email marketing secret is to use all that traffic to build your list first, before you send the prospect to your affiliate link. You can add a letter to your autoresponder series which is easy if you use Trafficwave autoresponder to handle it and now every new prospect you get will get that letter.

Here’s some things to think about.

Without a list, you have only one chance to get a sign up to any program. If you are putting a sales letter out, you only get one chance to make the sale. Once the visitor has left your offer, or affiliate program link, you can never contact them again, they are lost to you forever.

The Safelist Email Marketing Secret Revealed Below!

With a list you will see why the real safelist email marketing secret is to build your list first, and then build a relationship with those people to build your trust and credibility. Once you build this relationship you will find that they are very open to your recommendations about new programs products and services that fits their needs.

Another Safelist Email Marketing Secret Is To Give First!

That’s correct, it must serve their needs first and not yours, which is another safelist email marketing secret, give first and you won’t have to ask for the sales. Imagine you have been working on building your list and you have 600 prospects or leads on your list. Now you may be a little short on cash and you may find yourself thinking of just throwing an affiliate link out to make some quick cash. This is the wrong approach! You have 600 people who all raised their hands and told you that they wanted you to send them more information. This is where most fail to follow through and do broadcasts to their list. You must communicate with them or why should they do business with you, a complete stranger?

Okay, so you have this list, and you’ve been friendly and offering to help them right? Now you need to make some money and you have a good little traffic and cash resource, say a traffic exchange that pays 50% commission. You’re upgraded for only $9.97 per month and it will give you monthly traffic credits to use. So you use the best safelist email marketing secret and use your autoresponder broadcast feature to send out a personal friendly invitation to your list to join and upgrade with you.

So out of 600 people let’s say that 10 people join and upgrade, using a calculator we can see you just made a quick $50.00 and as long as your referrals stay upgraded and using the site, and why wouldn’t they, you keep earning that commission. If you send out to your list again in a few days, let’s say that another 10 sign up and 2 upgrade. You’re now making $60.00 per month and getting traffic while you do, plus your commissions cover your monthly cost, leaving you a profit!

This is why the best safelist email marketing secret I can tell you is to build your list first, and then communicate like a person and not a used car salesman. Your results will be much much better if you do. Oh and there really is a program you can get both traffic and cash commissions is Traffic-Splash. I’ve earned over $700.00 so far as a pro upgraded member, it is well worth it let me tell you. Enjoy the traffic and cash, but be sure you get your Trafficwave autoresponder account first, the money really is in the list you build yourself. Read more about it here.

To recap, the true safelist email marketing secret is to use not only safelists but any traffic source to build your list first before you promote anything. With your own list you will not make any real money online, and yes my friend, free is a four letter word.

There is no money in free, money must be transferred between two parties to be called doing business. One final safelist email marketing secret would be to upgrade your account to the membership level that allows you to earn at least 50% commissions. This way when one of your referrals who received your message from your autoresponder – joins and upgrades, you earn more money!

I do hope you enjoyed today’s post however I do hope you put this information to use right away. You can profit from the safelist email marketing secret no matter the type of business you wish to promote on the web. You just need to do it and don’t stop until you achieve success. You can do it, just remember that building your list is job one, every day and as your list grows, so will your income.

Safelist Email Marketing

Safelist Email Marketing

Safelist Email Marketing

Generate Red Hot Leads Using Trafficwave Autoresponders!

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Would you like to learn how to generate red hot leads using Trafficwave autoresponders?

It will cost you less than you may be paying now, and if you’re using free leads, forget it, there’s no money in those leads. Your business will just suffer making absolutely no money if you are relying on the resources that provide free leads or low cost leads. It’s all just a waste of your money and it could be put to much better use believe me.

All businesses in all niches will produce better results if you generate red hot leads using Trafficwave autoresponders. Here’s why. First off, I am sure you are looking for a way to make real money on the Internet and yes it can be done. However, you must understand, free will not work and will actually keep you from making the large payouts you’re looking for.

For instance. I use a lead capture page with my free offer to deliver quality information to your inbox this is how I generate red hot leads using my Trafficwave autoresponder. In fact, you will receive my information at the same time of day as when you first requested it without fail even if I’m asleep! By the way, so can you stay tuned and read on…

If you generate red hot leads using Trafficwave autoresponder, each lead is worth one dollar per month on average. This means that over the course of a year, they are worth $12.00 annually and when you multiply the number of subscribers on your list, simple math shows you where the money is. It’s in your own list which is why list building should be your first and primary job each day as a marketer. Drive all your traffic to your lead capture page and you will certainly build a very nice list indeed.

There are many reasons why I choose to generate red hot leads using Trafficwave autoresponders and I have listed them here so you can clearly see that you get a huge amount of value for a small monthly fee of only $17.95. It is so worth it just so you have the best service of it’s kind anywhere and they have a ten year track record of excellent service with their clients. I am one of their clients and I would not give them up for anything or anybody, nor any amount of money. Look here to see why.

1. Unlimited Autoresponder Campaigns.
2. Unlimited Subscribers In Unlimited Campaigns.
3. Unlimited Link Tracking.
4. Unlimited Hosted Lead Capture Pages Are Simple To Use.
5. Unlimited Lead Gathering Form Fields. Collect All The Information You Want!
6. Unlimited HTML/Text Letters For Your Campaigns.
7. Unlimited Use To Create Profitable Full HTML Email Letters For Use In Your Series & Broadcasts!
8. Unlimited Income You Can Earn Three Ways All At The Same Time!
9. Unlimited Training Articles Emailed To Your Inbox So You Can Learn Quick And Easily.
10. Unlimited Reminder Service So You Never Miss An Important Meeting Or Deadline Again!

Seriously? All that for only $17.95 per month? This brings Trafficwave autoresponders to the top of a very short list of professional services proven to provide awesome service for peanuts.

If you are not working to generate red hot leads using Trafficwave autoresponders now is the time to start. It is also time to stop accepting free leads and absolutely stop paying for them. For only $17.95 per month you can generate thousands per week! Because Trafficwave using a CAN-SPAM compliant double-opt-in system, you can be sure those leads are real people who are seriously interested in your offer.

If you are having trouble getting referrals into any program, MLM, or team, I am sure you are not building your list, and therefore cannot reasonably earn serious money online. You need the list so you can share tips, information, products, and services, even your favorite affiliate program.
Your results will be far and above better than if you use free or paid for leads. Why not just spend the measly $17.95 per month and BUILD A List for ANY business you want now? You need it so why not cease the procrastination and just do it. You’ll be light years ahead of those who don’t, I guarantee it.

If You’re Still Not Sure Grab My Free Report How To Boost Your Sales Using Your Autoresponder.

When you finish getting your account activated be sure to check the box to become an affiliate and then visit my welcome page here. Thanks in advance. Remember, you need this and it’s not a luxury, if you want to make money online, big money, you absolutely NEED this tool today. So just do it and get it now.

Trafficwave Autoresponders

Trafficwave Autoresponders

Trafficwave Autoresponders

Domain Forwarding Or Web Hosting?

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It’s Decision Time – Domain Forwarding Or Web Hosting?

There are many times using domain to forward to an affiliate program referral link or lead capture page can be a good thing. Other times it’s better to have a web hosting account to go with you new domain. Let’s look at the features of each below so you can better decide which direction is for you.

1. Domain Forwarding – This can be a very useful affiliate secret weapon to help stand out from the crowd of other affiliates all promoting the same referral link. It looks great in your sig file, forum signatures, as a text link, even a menu item. They’re easy to use and you can select between just a forwarding action or a masking action where the visitor never see’s your affiliate link, only the domain. You can even keyword research the domain before you buy it so you can attract organic search engine traffic.

2. Web Hosting – Full control is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of web hosting. A new domain really needs a good home other than the registrar and web hosting is fairly cheap these days so why not? Using a domain in this way will not only separate you from your competing affiliate marketers, it helps to brand you first. It puts you in a position of those people who run malls, K-marts, Home Depots etc, you become the person with one hell of a product line. It also gives you immediate recovery protection from programs that may go out of business. I could go on and on but one very important reason to host your domain is the fact it gives you a place to hang your autoresponder form code so you can build your list 24/7/365.

Now it’s time to decide.
If you’re going to host your domain, you’ve made a wise choice if you followed the information from Step one.
Proceed to get your web hosting account here.

You can probably get along with just the standard account for now, and grow into a bigger account later on
when you have your site up and running. For now, watch your email carefully once you order your hosting for the email messages they will send you. I suggest printing them out right away and keeping them safe as it will contain important information related to your hosting account and FTP settings.

Next time I will have a little html doc I will share with you that will help you get a home page up quickly! Be sure to dig out your best portrait pic or the best photo of you so you can use it on the page. Branding starts with your face.

Joe Sansoucie

Lets Get Started With Step One

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Welcome back and I do hope you’re ready to take action in your business today.

The last 15 years marketing online has taught me many things, and much of I learned on my own. From HTML, to domain name registrations, web hosting, getting traffic, building a list, you name it, I have taken the in-the-trenches approach to everything I do online. There were times when I could reach out to a specialist, or a active sponsor who answered their email, but for the most part I did the research myself and to be honest, I enjoyed the journey.

Today, I want to talk to you about the first step you need to take when you decide to start your journey to creating a successful income from the Internet. You must, must, must, brand yourself and I’ll tell you why. People do business with people, not websites, or buildings for that matter. People do business with people which means offline, we shake hands when we meet, but online, there’s no easy way to do this except for the branding of your name and face.

The more people see your picture online, the more they’ll get to the point where they recognize you, at this point the handshake happens. Now if you have your name under your photo then they will not only recognize but they will begin to remember your name. This is called branding and you want it bad!! 🙂

It starts with your domain name selection. What you want is your first and lastname as a dot com domain, if you can get it. In some cases some names are shared with famous people like Hollywood start but for the most part your name is probably available. Like, since this is my name, this works very well for me and looks mighty sharp on a business card or T-shirt in fact. After all, you own the name, so there is no competition in most cases.

If your name is taken, then a variation of your name is in order. Try adding a keyword after your name like, or or, well you get the idea. The key is not break up your name…. it must be, and even adding your middle initial may make the difference between your domain being available or not.

Stay tuned for the next post where I share a link to a site I recommend to all my referrals. The best thing is that it costs so little anyone can afford to start branding themselves online and even run their own blog too!

Thanks for joining my team.
God bless and take care.

Joe Sansoucie

Welcome To The Team

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Hello and Welcome To My Team!

From this site I am able to give all my referrals all my links to all my programs from one place.  This makes it much easier to manage on my part and it’s a snap for anyone on my team to find all my links, contact info, upcoming events, site reviews, upgrade suggestions, and so much more.   I have been marketing online for going on now 16 years and every day is a journey towards success.   It’s not really the destination, it’s the journey that counts,  and I have enjoyed the journey very much.  Every day is a new experience and brings new opportunities and the next step toward achieving financial freedom and I look forward to sharing with you what works and hopefully keep you from the things that don’t.

The first milestone is $500.00 per month.

Yes, I understand you wish to earn thousands per month, but if you are not making $500.00 a month yet, I can help and will show you how to do it.  If you’re not yet building your list, I will show you how to do it, and if you don’t know how to get traffic to a site, I will show you how to do that as well.  It is my job as your sponsor to give you all the tools, skills, and knowledge you need to have the best shot at making money online as possible.  Believe it or not, making money online, especially, your first $500.00 is not that difficult to do.  However, you must realize right now that the free mentality will not help you make money online.  You must spend it to make it, the key is to spend it at the right places online.  Once you understand the marketing system you’ll be using, the automation of your business, and the importance of building your list First,  then you will be in a position of earning as much as you want.  For now we’ll start with $500.00 because it’s easily accomplished if you plug into me as your sponsor.  I am here to help you and show you all the nuts and bolts, give you the theory, and more importantly, the implementation of all the components in chorus.  Don’t worry, it’s not so tough we me as close as a quick Skype message or call. 🙂

Without question you need these 4 tools to do business online.

So, we might as well get them setup now right?

1.  You need to register your domain, but not just any domain, you need Your  Like mine,  If you have trouble getting your first and last name as your domain, try adding the word online after it or other variations until you find one available.  Most people will have no trouble getting their full name dot com.  You need this for branding purposes because people believe it or not don’t do business with website,  they do business with other people.

2. You need web hosting for the domain and to store files you’ll need for your blog, website, incentives, etc.  You can get this at the same place you will get your domain name registered.  I recommend to start out with their $2.91 per month account.  Between the domain registration and the web hosting account, it will come to about $50.00 per year.  Don’t worry if you don’t  understand all this stuff, just skype me and we’ll set a time for some one on one with me in the training room.

3. You need the Trafficwave autoresponder to handle follow up, broadcasting, and email management duties for you.  For only $17.95 per month, this is the best bargain for the ultimate in autoresponder service.  They’re also the best paying autoresponder too, just in case you like to make money… lol.  Seriously, sign up, pay and then get with me for some personal training.  You’ll be a master of it in no time at all with my help.

4.  You will need an account at Instant Splash.  You must upgrade as Trafficwave integrates with Instant Splash to create excellent branded lead capture pages in less than 3 minutes.  Honestly,  this is one awesome tool and I use it all the time, but really, the income is awesome too!  I spend only $9.97 per month, yet my monthly commission is $120.00.  The $500.00 per month income is looking pretty easy right now isn’t it. 🙂  Upgrade in this right after you sign up.  It is required so we can tie Trafficwave and Instant splash together for your marketing system.

These four tools are not luxuries! You must pay for these five tools if you want a successful business online.

The domain and web hosting is paid for yearly.

Trafficwave and Instant Splash is paid for monthly.

My Team Builder Pro is one of the best affiliate marketing training centers I’ve ever used. the fifteen day action plan is awesome and covers everything from signature marketing to newspaper advertising, with everything in between.. Facebook, Twitter, and full access to the training webinars recordings for upgraded members. Be sure to take the one time offer to save a huge amount of money and get access to everything that’s offered. Plus it pays 50% commission which is can lead to a four or five figure income. Just follow the plan.

I can offer you my time using the following methods.

Phone.  You must be subscribed to my email list to get it.
Skype:  joe.sansoucie
Email:  Same as phone.
Webinar:  If you need help with something, there’s nothing better than the webinar room because I can look over your shoulder when you share your screen. In this way it makes it easy to train you for anything from placing ads, to setting up web hosting, autoresponders, you name it, the webinar room is the best training tool you and I can use anytime we need to.  On top of that, you can attend free training calls and bring a friend too!

Are you ready to get started with your business?

If you are, then please start at number 1. and get the five vital tools setup and let me know when you’re ready for one on one help, support, and training.  If you need help with anything on this page, or you don’t understand something, maybe you’re just starting out, the best advise I can give you is to call me and let’s talk.  You will need a headset connected to your PC for the webinars (whi9ch are free every week.),  this is vital and is a must for our training sessions and the phone calls. I know you may not have had a sponsor like me, but if you plug into me and keep communications open, we will achieve a lot!

So follow the links above and get started setting up your business, or me and I will help you with everything, personally.

Welcome to my team!

Joe Sansoucie